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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Did Someone Hear a Boom?

After a relatively lazy summer, some excitement was bound to come this way. Little did I know it'd be in the form of a missile headed for my region. Monday, reports came out saying that an aircraft (mmm Russia?) illegally entered Georgian airspace and launched a missile in a village in the northwestern Gori (Shida Kartli) region. The bomb didn't go off though luckily.

The Georgian military recovered it and detonated it in the mountain in Gori. It made quite an explosion followed by a lot of shaking and smoke. Peace Corps put us on alert for a few days and my region become a restricted zone where no volunteer could leave/enter without prior Country Director approval. Yes, I was in a restricted zone! Actually it wasn't as cool as it sounded. Georgians went about their daily business and didn't discuss the events. In fact had PC not mentioned the incident I probably would have remained oblivious to it. Russia continued to deny the incident, until evidence surfaced showing that it was in fact Russia.

Per PC policy, I'm not going to get into more detail, but check out the news sources for more info.


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